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Education for Healthcare Professionals

As a regional leader in hospice care and palliative medicine, Samaritan’s Institute for Education, Research & Innovation, offers 50+ educational programs for healthcare providers. The following list of courses is currently being offered virtually.  Please note presentations are subject to change. Contact us if you are interested in a topic that is not listed below.

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Compassion Fatigue

60 Minutes | 1 CEU

This program will define compassion fatigue and at least three physical responses to stress. This program will also identify and discuss the top four stressors, at least three warning signs of compassion fatigue, and two goals to include in a self-care plan.

Communication Skills & Goals of Care at End of Life

60 Minutes | 1 CEU

This program will identify two communication skills that enhance patient-centered care as evidenced in group discussion and explain how the patient and family can benefit from effective communication skills. It will also discuss core elements to enhance patient satisfaction and two reasons why patients may not follow advice or adhere to healthcare-provider advice.

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End-of-Life Care

60 minutes | 1.0 CE

This program will discuss what type of care patients and their families want from their healthcare professionals at the end of life. It will also review what can be done and what to expect as death nears. Attendees will learn helpful techniques to facilitate the grief process with a patient’s family and caregivers.

Hospice and Palliative Care Communication Skills and Goals of Care

60 minutes | 1.0 CE

Attendees will gain confidence and important communication skills for discussing dying, death, and goals of care with patients and their families. Attendees will also be able to distinguish differences between palliative and hospice care, define two essential communications skills, integrate three key questions to their practice, and identify a barrier to communication.

Hospice vs. Palliative Care

60 minutes | 1.0 CE

This program will distinguish between palliative care and hospice, define two competencies, identify two components of the comprehensive pain assessment, and define one non-pharmacological treatment for symptom management.

Living with Heart Failure

60 minutes | 1.0 CE

This program defines and discusses the scope of heart failure, describes the clinical syndrome and the classifications, verbalizes the management of the disease, and defines defibrillation.

Pain Management at End of Life

60 minutes | 1.0 CE

This program will define types of pain and identify one regulating agency that defines professional, ethical and moral responsibility of the healthcare professional in treating patient symptoms.  The program will also identify two nursing responsibilities in assessing pain, and two recommended treatments for shortness of breath.

Sensitivity Training for Healthcare Professionals

60 minutes | 1.0 CE

This program will focus on sensitivity and awareness of the feelings and attitudes of others.

Timely Conversations

60 minutes

We talk about the weather, sports, and breaking news. But too many of us shy away from talking about what matters most. If a surgery, accident, or serious illness prevented you from speaking for yourself, what would your wishes be? How would you define quality of life?

This engaging conversation gets you thinking about your wishes, guides you to find the right time to talk about your wishes with those who are important to you, and helps you act by writing it all down. This program takes you beyond the advance care planning and living will legal documents.

Tips for Caring for Your Loved One

60 minutes

This program will discuss tips on caring for a loved one who is ill. It will provide life-changing tips on bathing and mouth care, nutrition, repositioning to avoid wounds and the importance of self-care.

To schedule a presentation at your healthcare facility contact Esther Folaranmi at (856) 552-3285 or fill out the form above.