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Fallen Comrade Ceremony

Fallen Comrade Ceremony 

Join us for a special ceremony for Veterans honoring those who survived and
carry the burden of their dead comrade’s memory. No RSVP Required.

Memorial Day honors those who died in military service, the Fallen Comrades Ceremony honors those who survived and carry the burden of their dead comrades’ memory. Based on Native-American warrior welcoming-home rituals, the ceremony restores hope for healing the soul injury that Veterans who serve in dangerous-duty assignments often carry.

Safe sanctuary is provided for them to mourn the losses they have sustained, such as: comrades who died in battle, loss of physical/ mental health, loss of the self they had prior to the trauma, assault that occurred within their own.

Grieving helps us “let go of what was” and

“open up to what is” so we can be present to the “now.”

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Opus Peace’s mission is to provide meaningful experiences through Soul Injury® educational programs. Founded in 2013, the Soul Injury® concept began when five VA hospice nurses cared for 10,000 dying Veterans and witnessed “warrior wisdom” emerge from the depths of consciousness, revealing a process for attaining personal peace.