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Samaritan patient William Yaeger with Blanket

Ordinarily Great: The Bill Yaeger Story

On a beautiful day in May 2019, three Samaritan Healthcare & Hospice team members sat on Bill Yaeger’s living room couch intently listening as he talked. A U.S. Navy Veteran and current Samaritan patient, Bill sat in an arm chair … Continued

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End-Stage Heart Failure: What to Expect

If you or a loved one have heart failure, it’s important to plan for the future. By knowing what to expect, you’ll be able to make the best decisions about your care and ensure that your needs and wishes are … Continued

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Palliative Medicine & Lung Cancer: Helping Dorothy through Stage IV Lung Cancer

Living Life to the Fullest with Samaritan and Horizon by Her Side Dorothy Mullen had been “operating outside” of the traditional healthcare system for decades. The vibrant 64-year-old Princeton resident relied  on alternative medicine and organic agriculture to manage the … Continued

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How Your Donor Advised Fund Can Provide Annual Support While Still Getting You a Current Year Deduction

by  T. Christian Rollins, MBA, CFRE Samaritan’s Chief Development Officer    The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) of 2017 essentially doubled the Standard Deduction, resulting in as many as 90% of households no longer being able to itemize their … Continued

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How Long Can a Patient Stay in Hospice in South Jersey?

How long does hospice last in New Jersey? Learn about how long a patient can stay in hospice and what you can expect from our South Jersey hospice facilities.

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Hospice patient Thomas Zippilli Veterans Ceremony

Hospice Eases Caregiver Burden and Honors Vietnam Veteran

Vietnam veteran Thomas Zippilli endured strokes that left him wheelchair-bound and weak. He moved in with his daughter Tara Bedford and her family, but in January 2019, a severe stroke left him unable to move his limbs or swallow. He … Continued

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Grandmother and grandson reading

What Really Matters Most at the End of Life

What is it that really matters at the end of life? Learn about what hospice patients and those who are close to death think is important at the end of life.

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Barbara Glass and Linda Brennan

Being Present for Hospice Patients in their Final Moments

Read about Vigil Volunteer Barbara Glass and how moving it is to sit with patients and provide a comforting presence during their final hours.

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Two daughers embracing mom on couch

Is your parent in hospice care? Or are you considering hospice care for Mom or Dad?

What are the benefits of having a parent in hospice care? Understandably, this is a very emotional time for you, that’s why you should consider hospice.

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Hospice Patient Ester Bilsky with Aide

Connecting Through Poetry

Read about Esther Bilsky, a hospice patient who has been writing poetry for more than eighty years. Memorizing her poems before she went blind, she now connects with her hospice team by reciting her poetry during their visit.

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