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Appreciating Our Connection to Each Other

Believe it or not, Coronavirus is doing something good for us. It’s helping us to see our common humanity.

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Jessica Minard Scholarship Awardee

Samaritan Awards Teen Volunteer Scholarship

SamariTeen Jessica Minard started volunteering for Samaritan because of a school requirement, but quickly realized she was getting more out of the experience.

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Looking Back (2012): Samaritan Announces First Chief Operating Officer

Samaritan proudly announces Marjorie Ivins RN, BSN, MS, as its first Chief Operating Officer. In this role, Ivins will oversee Samaritan clinical operations, information technology and quality and compliance.

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End-Stage Parkinson’s Disease: What to Expect

What can family caregivers expect with end-stage Parkinson’s disease? Learn more about the final stages of Parkinson’s disease and when hospice is appropriate.

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Busy Caregiver Finally Takes Care of Herself

Read about Krista’s grief journey and how grief counseling made all the difference. It helped her through her initial grief and prepared her for what was to come.

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Mary Ann Boccolini and Hospice Family

A Message from President/CEO Mary Ann Boccolini

We are fervently doing all we can to ensure the safety of patients, families, staff, volunteers, and all those we serve while providing uninterrupted, high-quality care.

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Third–Generation Physician Carries on Family Tradition of Care

Enjoy this look back at Dr. Goldfine’s legacy especially how he embraces families and is present for them during the end-of-life journey.

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A Song Before Dying

The power of music therapy helps one mom leave a legacy for her three daughters.

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Girl Scout “Pieces of Light” Project Comforts Families

Amanda McNally, a Seneca High School senior, recently accomplished something extraordinary — the Girl Scout Gold Award. The Girl Scout Gold Award is the most prestigious award that Girl Scout Seniors can earn. The recipient picks an issue, investigates it, gets … Continued

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Samaritan Pet Therapy Volunteers

Pet therapy in a hospice setting provides comfort, support, and companionship through the use of an animal. Samaritan offers pet therapy through already-certified dogs because seeing and touching a furry friend brings peace and joy to families and is a … Continued

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