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Peggy Morgan Gala
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Hospice Care for Aunt Inspired Volunteering

Peggy MorganSamaritan is honored to have a team of 500 volunteers who have big hearts and generous spirits providing service in a variety of roles. Serving as a hospice volunteer gives something different to everyone. It may be the feeling of joy received from being of service, the knowledge that you are making a difference, or the satisfaction of answering the call to serve. Ms. Peggy Morgan is one of this wonderful team of volunteers. For her volunteering is about giving back in a way that feels impactful in her community.  She remarked about volunteering at Samaritan, “My sense that I can make a difference is reinforced.”

Peggy (left) at Samaritan’s Gala with her sister in 2017

Peggy is a long-time Samaritan volunteer and benefactor. Samaritan celebrates its 40th year of caring in 2020, and Peggy celebrates 16 years of volunteering and over 3,300 volunteer hours. She first came to know of hospice treatment through the end-of-life care that her aunt received. Witnessing firsthand the peace that this comfort care brought to her family moved her. The impact of that care was never forgotten, and inspired Peggy to become a hospice volunteer at Samaritan.

Paying it forward

Beginning her journey as a patient volunteer, she was able to pay it forward for other families. A sentiment often shared by volunteers is that they receive more from the experience of serving than they give. Peggy shares this view saying that her experiences volunteering with patients were “incredibly warm and validating.” Being able to bring warmth and comfort to families living through the last stage of life showed her that when it came to end of life the approach is important. Peggy has observed that Samaritan patients and families choose to approach end of life care with “support and kindness” for each other rather than to be mired in fear, anger, and loathing.

Healthcare Decisions

Through her 16 years with Samaritan Peggy has served in various roles including a patient and an office volunteer. The role she hoped to never be in was that of a patient caregiver. Peggy reflected on the experience saying, “everything I ever observed came back to me as a family member. It deepened my commitment to Samaritan.” She and Steve, her husband, had filled out their Fives Wishes, advanced care planning document, and discussed their healthcare wishes in advance with their family. When Steve became seriously ill, knowing exactly what his wishes were, she and her family were empowered to execute them. Peggy said about the experience, “I felt like I was speaking with Steve’s voice.”

Peggy pictured with her husband Steve in 2016 at The Samaritan Center at Voorhees

Knowing what a loved one wants through advanced care planning is important. Peggy is an advocate for advanced care planning such as Five Wishes. In her South Jersey community, she leaves the door open for the conversation for those who are ready to have a conversation. Peggy will soon serve on an advanced care planning committee at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Cherry Hill where she worships. The committee’s goal is to help the congregation have these important conversations about advanced care planning.

Giving Back to Good Stewards

Dedicating her time and efforts to Samaritan is one way Peggy makes an impact at Samaritan, the other way is through her financial contributions. Being a part of the team, she bears witness to the love that Samaritan puts into the world through its primary care, hospice, palliative, and grief services. With Samaritan she knows that her contributions will be truly beneficial and that “Samaritan is a good steward.”

Why Should You Consider Hospice Volunteering?

(Right) Peggy with Associate Director of Development Marcy DiBlasio, Lead Development Coordinator Julie Weitzman and  Fellow Volunteer Wilma Messler in 2016

Volunteering with Samaritan gives you a chance to be part of a community working towards providing comfort, dignity, and quality of life for patients and families. Sally Cezo, Samaritan’s director of volunteer services, and her team will find a skill you have and put it to good use. Sixteen years later Peggy continues to be dedicated to volunteering with Samaritan. Through her service she knows that her volunteerism “accrues to the benefit of patients and families,” and continues to believe firmly that everyone deserves to live in comfort and dignity through the end of life.

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