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Hospice And Palliative Care for Catholic Patients and Families

Hospice And Palliative Care for Catholic Patients and Families

Catholic Hospice Services in South NJ

Via Lucis

catholic hospiceThe Samaritan Ministry for Catholic Patients provides a special kind of supportfor Catholic people in need of hospice and palliative care – in essence, any person who is living with a serious illness for which there is no cure.

Our mission is to offer a Via Lucis – A Way to Light – to the Catholic families we serve, and to provide them comfort, dignity and quality of life during their journey through progressive illness.

Catholic Community Involvement

The Samaritan Ministry for Catholic Patients is shepherded by a team of Catholic hospice and palliative care professionals. These team members include clergy, religious, and lay members of area parishes and the Dioceses of Camden and Trenton. The Ministry offers a team approach to end-of-life care with an emphasis on respect and sensitivity for Catholic sacraments, traditions, and moral teachings.

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A Team Approach to Catholic Palliative and Hospice Care

Based upon Samaritan’s core hospice program, Via Lucis offers a Catholic hospice team of health care professionals who offer a comprehensive array of services. Catholic chaplains and lay ministers are available to offer spiritual comfort and the beauty of Catholic ritual to people who are unaffiliated with a local parish or to serve as liaisons with a family’s chosen parish. Specially trained volunteers provide added support and companionship.

Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Care

The Ministry for Catholic Patients responds to the needs of the whole person through physical, emotional, and spiritual care for patients and their families. In walking with our families on their Via Lucis, we strive to share hope and the grace to live each day to the fullest, free of pain, and surrounded by loved ones with comfort and dignity.

Hymns of Hope & Inspiration

Music and Vocals by Brooke Carroll. This CD was made possible through the generosity of The George Link Jr. Charitable Trust.

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Why Samaritan

“They have the innate ability to know the time to offer care and concern, as well as the time to share in the bits of humor that do arise during even the worst of days.” – Peggy G.