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The Samaritan Center at Mount Holly

Hospice Care in Mount Holly, NJ

Inpatient hospice bed at our Mt. Holly hospice facility

The Samaritan Center at Mount Holly provides a stress-free setting for patients and their loved ones, and ensures their needs are met in an out-of-home setting. We do this by providing:

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Amenities of our Mount Holly inpatient hospice facility include:

  •  12 private rooms.
  • Staffed by Samaritan’s caring employees.
  • Convenient location within Virtua Memorial in Mount Holly.
  • Expert clinical team on site 24/7.
  • Inviting amenities such as kitchen, separate children’s area, family room, 24-hour visitation with in-room sleeper chair for immediate family.
  • Features home-like decor including wall hangings donated by area quilters.
  • Open visitation hours, including pet visits by appointment.
  • Includes free valet parking by Virtua Memorial.

Inpatient Hospice Care in Mount Holly – Providing Relief from Pain and Symptoms

Although hospice care is usually provided where you live, there are times when symptoms such as severe pain or nausea require an advanced level of care that is better provided during a short stay in an inpatient hospice facility.

If your loved one’s needs intensify, the Samaritan hospice team may recommend a short-term transfer to the Mount Holly hospice facility. A hospital liaison may also recommend a transfer to one of Samaritan’s two hospice centers if you or your loved one is admitted to a hospital with severe pain or symptoms from serious illness.

Our care at the Center includes the comprehensive hospice services we provide in people’s homes (trained hospice team, medications, equipment) but also allows your loved one to receive round-the-clock professional supervision to ensure proper administration of medications and treatments. The goal of this inpatient hospice care service is to control severe pain and symptoms so that your loved one can return home to family and familiar surroundings, if possible, and resume hospice care at home.

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Who Pays for Hospice Care?

Hospice care is a benefit of Medicare, Medicaid, and the Veterans Administration. Most commercial insurance plans also cover hospice with applicable co-pays and deductibles. Samaritan staff will assist patients and families in understanding and securing eligible coverage and care options. Click here to learn more about who pays for hospice care.

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Additional Services at Our Mount Holly Inpatient Hospice Center

Private-Pay Hospice Care Option

There are times when you or your loved one cannot stay in your home, or are unable to return home after a hospital or inpatient stay. This can happen for a variety of reasons including the unavailability of a care giver or transporting would be too taxing.

Samaritan’s hospice facilities in Mount Holly and Voorhees, NJ now offer the opportunity to receive our expert routine level of hospice care (different from inpatient level of hospice care) within our centers. Learn more now >>

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