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You can’t change your loved one’s diagnosis. But, you can get help so they can live more comfortably and with the highest quality of life at this stage of illness.

Hospice care provides comfort, support, and dignity at the end of life. It isn’t for the last few days of life, but the last few months and weeks, to maximize your loved one’s comfort.

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Samaritan Healthcare & Hospice is the best choice for hospice and palliative care in South Jersey. Consumer Reports recommends the following criteria when choosing a hospice – and Samaritan fulfills these qualifications 100%:

  • Not-for profit status. Check.
  • Twenty or more years of experience. Check.
  • Hospice-certified nurses and doctors on staff and available 24/7. Check.
  • Palliative care consultants. Check.
  • An inpatient unit. Check.

Samaritan also offers complementary therapies – massage and music – to accompany your loved one’s plan of care, and specialized programs for Veterans and Catholic or Jewish members of the community

Samaritan is the extra layer of support you need to get through this difficult time. Reach out now to discuss any questions.

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