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Palliative Medical Partners

Palliative Medical Partners

Samaritan’s Palliative Medical Partners medical practice is here to help you and your family achieve the best quality of life from the time of diagnosis and through treatments aimed at managing your serious illness.

In collaboration with other physicians on your healthcare team, our board-certified physicians and palliative-trained nurse practitioners provide inpatient and outpatient consultations in settings across South Jersey.

Stephen Goldfine, MD
Chief Medical Officer
Sara Pagliaro, DO
Associate Director of Palliative Medicine
Jennifer Chiesa, DO
Hospice & Palliative Physician
Whitney Huston, DO
Hospice & Palliative Physician
Robin Plumer, DO
Hospice & Palliative Physician

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Preferred Partners

Jefferson (fka Kennedy Health System), Lourdes Health System, Virtua, and Saint John of God Community Services have named Samaritan as their preferred provider of palliative care for their patients. Ongoing discussions continue with other regional health systems, long-term care facilities, and healthcare practices.

Palliative Medical Partners Goals

Samaritan wants to help relieve the effects of serious illness or treatments such as pain, shortness of breath, fatigue, nausea, loss of appetite, anxiety, and/or difficulty sleeping

• To work with, not replace, your physician’s treatment plan
• To help you and your family understand your condition and the choices open to you every step of the way
• To provide relief from your pain and symptoms so you have more strength to tolerate treatments
• To help increase your energy level so you can enjoy doing what’s most important to you

Palliative care promotes your best quality of life –  as you define it.



• Consultations and follow-up visits with our nurses and doctors
• Assessment and treatment plan recommendations
• Support for medical decision-making
• Consultations in office or hospital
• Consultation with your physician(s)


  • Covered by Medicare, Medicaid, and most commerical insurers
    with applicable co-payments and deductables


  • Living with any type of serious illness
  • Undergoing curative or life-prolonging treatments
  • Coping with uncontrolled pain and/or symptoms
  • Need increased help with dressing, eating, bathing, etc
  • Being hospitalized frequently or making multiple trips to the ER
  • Homebound and unable to travel to doctor’s office for issues related to serious illness


  • Board certified palliative physicians
  • Board certified palliative-trained nurse practitioners