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Grief Support Groups in South Jersey

Grief Support Groups in South Jersey

Samaritan offers a variety of grief support groups throughout the South New Jersey area including Daughters without Mothers, Early Endings, Grieving the Love of Your Life, Coping with the Holidays, and more. Registration is required at (800) 596-8550.

2020 Support Groups

The Grieving Heart

A monthly drop-in group for anyone over 18 who has lost a family member or friend.

 2nd Saturday of every month @ 10 AM at Virtua Mount Holly

Healing Your Heart: Yoga and Meditation for Grief (6 Weeks)

No yoga experience necessary. This is a special group for anyone exploring their grief journey through yoga asana (poses) and mindful meditation practice. Group is open to any level of experience and is designed to be a slow, gentle, healing practice.

Starting Monday, February 24 @ 6:00 PM in Voorhees


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Daughters without Mothers (6 weeks)

For adult women grieving the loss of their mother

How do we, as daughters, find our way after our moms have died? What happens to the empty chairs? This support group offers grief education, and most importantly, a place to speak your mom’s name, tell her story, and honor her memory. This group is free and open to the community. Join us at our kitchen table — you really aren’t alone..

Starting Tuesday, February 4 @ 6:00 PM in Haddonfield

Starting Tuesday, April 28 @ 6:00 PM in Voorhees

Grieving the Love of Your Life (6 weeks)

For those grieving the loss of a spouse or partner

Please call for next start date and time.

Early Endings  (6 weeks)

For younger adults grieving a spouse or partner’s loss

Starting Thursday, February 6 @ 6:00 PM in Voorhees

Sharing in Grief and Hope (6 weeks)

For anyone who has lost a family member or friend

This group’s goal is to help you find your way to a new life that encompasses the absence of your loved one.  You will have the opportunity to share your story, and give and receive comfort

Starting Tuesday, March 17 at 6:00 PM in Haddonfield