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Education for Healthcare Professionals

Education for Healthcare Professionals

Here are just a few of the educational programs we offer for healthcare professionals.

  • jobs available at Samaritan Hospice in South JerseyDifficult Conversations: Aspects of Communication in Quality End of Life Care (CEU)
    This program will define communication, discuss factors that influence communication
    and the communication process, develop ways to discuss hospice, and explain conflict and conflict resolution.
  • Pain Management at the End of Life (CEU)
    This program will define two types of pain, identify one regulating agency that defines professional, ethical, and moral responsibility of the healthcare professional in treating patient symptoms, describe two nursing responsibilities in assessing pain, and identify two recommended treatments for shortness of breath.
  • Dementia: An Overview at the End of Life (CEU)
    This presentation will identify the most common dementia disease, two areas of the brain that may be affected, how it impacts a caregiver, and one type of intervention that is useful for managing a person with dementia demonstrating emotional or behavior symptoms.
  • Compassion Fatigue (CEU)
    This program will define compassion fatigue, identify the top four stressors, define at least three physicial responses to stress, identify at least three warning signs of compassion fatigue and discuss two goals to include in a self-care plan.
  • Nutrition and Fluids at the End of Life 
    Discusses the facts, myths and ethics of this complex question
  • Hospice Basics
    This enlightening program explores the basic foundation of hospice care, the Medicare Hospice benefit, the specific services and supplies that are available, and how Samaritan can address specialized situations.
  • What is palliative care?
    This program will discuss the definition and goals of palliative care.

Please contact your Professional Relations Coordinator for a complete list or to schedule a presentation at your healthcare facility. Or contact Christine Corti at (856) 552-3258.

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